Mission, Vision & Philosophy

Our mission is to:

  • Preserve, enhance, restore, and create the essential ecosystem goods and services provided by aquatic, wetland, riparian and terrestrial habitat;
  • Promote and support natural resource development within a framework of environmental stewardship;
  • Advise land owners, land managers, design and teaching professionals about the sustainable design opportunities that exist on the land that they influence; and
  • Provide specialized construction oversight and plant installation services to ensure that projects are implemented according to well established goals and with the highest quality workmanship.

Our Vision

The vision of ecos is a planet with clean air, water and energy; productive soil; diverse and abundant plant and animal life; and healthy, naturally functioning, and aesthetic landscapes that sustain and enrich the lives of all.

Our Philosophy

At ecos, we believe that deriving wealth and sustenance from the land is a fact of life. Be it mining, ranching, housing, resort development, recreation or ecotourism, everyone relies on the land for the extraction, production, harvesting, or consumptive use of ecosystem goods and services – the natural resources that we enjoy and need to generate economic growth and support our families, neighborhoods, communities, businesses and commerce.  ecos can positively affect a client’s project and economic position by generating sustainable solutions that balance consumptive use with the natural resources, features and carrying capacity of the land.

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