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Brush Creek Ranch Stewardship Plan - a new vision for a working ranch

Bruce White and his wife Beth, the owners of the Lodge and Spa at Brush Creek Ranch, had a distinct vision in mind when they acquired this historic property near Saratoga, Wyoming. The Whites love the beauty and legacy of the American West. As such, they envisioned a Ranch with healthy and naturally functioning land, restored to its former beauty, and managed through sustainable practices; a Ranch that provides overwhelming comfort and hospitality and a diverse range of recreational and educational opportunities such that all visitors may have memorable, meaningful, and even life changing, experiences while roaming and exploring the streams, woodlands and grasslands.

Ecos assisted Bruce and Beth in planning for the achievement of their vision. After several meetings to discuss the Ranch vision and goals, ecos performed a comprehensive assessment of the property to document the ecological resources and identify opportunities to optimize the natural beauty and function of the land. This information and a simple but elegant mantra of Educate, Enhance and Enjoy served as the basis upon which the Brush Creek Ranch Stewardship Plan was prepared. The purpose of the Plan is to link the vision for the Ranch with stewardship objectives, management plans and prioritized implementation strategies that guide the caretakers in the responsible and sustainable management and enhancement of the land. This Plan is more comprehensive than a typical Ranch management plan as it provides habitat inventory data, preliminary designs, stewardship principals, and strategies for meeting Ranch goals which are linked to specific objectives and actions for each ecological resource. The educational narrative of the Plan is accompanied by a myriad of graphics that include maps; illustrations; and photographs of the beautiful habitat, wildlife, cultural and historic features that comprise the Ranch.

Bruce and Beth are proud of their Stewardship Plan and you will find it displayed in the great room of the main lodge. By implementing the prioritized strategies laid out in the Plan, the Ranch is well on its way to achieving the White’s vision for their piece of the American West. So feel free to drop by and spend some time with them around the campfire, have a meal at the Chuck Wagon, soothe your body with a spa treatment after a long day, and enjoy the exquisite beauty that surrounds you. Check out all that the Brush Creek Ranch has to offer and make a reservation by clicking the Lodge and Spa at Brush Creek Ranch Spa.

Let ecos help reconnect you and your guests with the wonders of the natural world, realize your vision, and preserve it for generations to come. To learn more about about what ecos can do for you, please go to our Conservation, Recreation and Sporting Ranch Services page.

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