Ecosystem Services, LLC provides our clientele with practical, effective, feasible, and lasting value-added turn-key solutions.


Our business model is to provide the attention, vision, ingenuity, response, agility and rate structure of a small, progressive firm; and the multi-disciplinary services of a large firm. We are able to do this by combining our specialized in-house consulting and plant installation services with those of trusted, reliable associates.


Water Resource Engineering and Geomorphology
Julie Ash, P.E., Director of Colorado WNR
(p): 303-296-3304

Wildlife Biology, Botany, Wetland Science & Construction Oversight
Auckland Environmental Consulting
Julia Auckland, owner
(p): 303-358-2687

Wildlife Biology, Botany, Wetland Science & Entomology
Pine Brook Ecological
Andrea Tupy, owner
(p): 970-319-2656

Landscape Ecology, Landscape Architecture, Restoration Ecology, Wetland Science, Botany & Construction Oversight
Prairie Sage Landscape Ecology, LLC
Susan Nordstrom, M.L.A.
(p): 720-203-2381

Wetland Science
Janetta Shepard
(p): 303-845-0808

Aquatic and Fisheries Assessment and Management
Aquatics Associates, Inc.
Tami Schneck, Sr. Aquatic Biologist
(p): 970-493-2626

Hoag Riparian and Wetland Restoration, LLC
Chris Hoag, Owner
(p): 208-221-0944

Mitigation Banking
Burns & McDonnell
Mark Tucker, National Mitigation Banking Lead
(p): 562-458-7336

Mitigation Banking
Restoration Systems, LLC
George Howard, President
(p): 919-755-9490

Structural, Civil & Environmental Engineering
JVA, Incorporated
Josh McGibbon, Vice President
(p): 303-444-1951

Geotechnical Engineeering
Tolesto Solutions, Inc.
Walt Niccoli, Sr. Engineer
(p): 970-484-7704 

Contractors & Suppliers 

Stream, Wetland, Landscape Construction & Excavation
Bioterra Constructors, Inc.
Robert (BJ) Urbiztondo, P.E., Owner
(p): 303-579-3569

Soil Science, Seeding, Planting, Remote Irrigation Systems & Construction
Western States Reclamation, Inc.
David Chenoweth, President, Owner
(p): 303-833-1986

Western Native Seed Company
Alex Tonnesen, sales
(p): 719-942-3935

Pawnee Buttes Seed, Inc.
Don Hijar, owner
(p): 800-782-5947  

Native Trees and Shrubs
Colorado State Forest Service
Josh Stolz, Nursery Manager
(p): (970) 491-8429

Native Wetland and Riparian Plants
AlpineEco Nursery
Andy Herb, Owner
(p): 303-586-5014

Native Trees and Shrubs
Little Valley Wholesale Nursery
Jeff Magoon, sales
(p): 888-659-3014

Native Wetland and Riparian Plants and Sod
North Fork Native Plants
Tim Watters
(p): 208-354-3691

Polymer Liners for Aquatic Environments
Seepage Control, Inc.
Ron Ciardella, vice president
(p): 800-214-9640

Seeding and Soil Preparation
Phillips Seed and Reclamation
Mark Phillips, owner
(p): 303-665-2618

Weed Management
Prime Vegetation Management
Josh Wood, owner
(p): 970-222-4543 


Association of State Wetland Managers (ASWM)

Center for Biological Diversity (CBD)

Colorado Riparian Association (CRA)

Ducks Unlimited (DU)

Environmental Concern (EC)

Society of Ecological Restoration (SER)

Society of Wetland Scientists (SWS)

The Nature Conservancy (TNC)

Trout Unlimited (TU)

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