Welcome to Ecosystem Services’ quartlerly newlsetter, "The Thalweg".  Inspired by the true definition of a thalweg, we created this newletter to provide a concentrated stream of news that is relevant to our clients and thier projects.

In "The Thalweg," you will find concise updates regarding key regulations and policies that may affect your project, ecological facts (ecofacts) to help you gain a better understanding of terminology, natural cycles, or ecosystems, and pragmatic approaches to streamline your project. We'll also highlight some of ecos’ projects that illustrate our client’s vision and achievements which provide examples of how you may be able to optimize the natural habitat and value of your land. 

Click below to find the latest and past issues of The Thalweg:

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The Thalweg - 2012 Winter Solstice Issue, December 21, 2012

The Thalweg - 2012 Fall Equinox Issue, September 4, 2012 


Definition of Thalweg: 

The thalweg is the deepest ortion of a river or stream that is often referred to as the “low-flow channel.” During the spring and summer when the water is high, you may be able to detect the thalweg as the fast moving “seam” that follows the natural flow line of the stream. During the fall and winter months or a drought, water is concentrated in the thalweg where fish take refuge and try to survive critical low-flow periods.

Ecos concentrates on thalweg and deep pool development in our stream restoration and enhancement projects to ensure our clients can always find hungry, catchable fish throughout the year.

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